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DoD:S usage


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Is 3Ghz considered normal for a 32 player DoD:s server?




I have a 32 player DoD:S server which is utilizing almost an entire 3.4Ghz Xeon CPU (on a dual Xeon machine) when it isn't even totally full.

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If i just set the affinity so that the HL2 engine servers and the Halo servers were on different CPUs would that solve the problem, or is the conflict more on the OS level and require completely separate machines?

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Hey guys dont quote me on this one but i have a answer to the Halo problem.




I had the same problems quite awhile ago with halo and Hl1 & Hl2.




What i found the problem to be was that the Halo.exe causes the Processors in the machine to go into a form of timing otherwise known as High Resolution Timing to make for example boosted servers run fast frames per second.




This happens with most microsoft games for example it all so happend with Freelancer caused the cpus to go into High Resolution Timing basicly the only thing that people can do is make sure you run Microsoft games on different machines.




For example when i researched the issue to find an answer, i also found abit of code "C++" which can make your processors go into High Resolution Timing. Here is the example .




struct ProfTimer {


void Start(void) {






void Stop(void) {






double GetDurationInSecs(void)








double duration = (double)(mTimeStop.QuadPart-mTimeStart.QuadPart)/(double)fre q.QuadPart;


return duration;














This basicly tells the processors to push its normal 55 milliseconds timing to High Resolution Timing of one microsecond (0.000001 seconds). This makes to processors work alot harder.




Just thaught i would try and help :smile:





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