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Very nice, thanks! :cool:




I just can't override the 8 maximum players.


Setting it up in the server.cfg doesn't work.




I also tried to put +seta si_maxPlayers 16 in the start-up line but that also doesn't work.




Does anyone has a solution?

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ok heres the final skinny...:smile:








r_ignoreGLErrors 1


seta net_master0 preymaster.humanhead.com:27650




writeconfig preyconfig.cfg










and last but not least...:smile:




+set si_maxplayers 12

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Yes, this is working perfect!




Last question:




I want to add some colors to the servername. I know you can do this with ^1(red), ^3(yellow) but it does not work like this with the servername. It does work with your ingame playername though....



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