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Master Server, and remote server question


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Hi TCAdmin Support.




Well., i have a question. if i have Windows Server 2003 as my MASTER server, do i need IIS on my remote servers too?




I ask this because, my gameservers run on windows XP, and i dont like to use IIS 5.1. Some of my servers are not compatable with Server 2003.




so what im asking is, can i have a master server on 2003 and IIS 6.0, and control my remote machines somehow without IIS?




Thank in advance.

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IIS is only needed on the master server. The remotes simply run a monitor program on them.








Very brief question on an old thread...


What is required on the master server to require a windows host? In reading this forum for a while tonight I've yet to see anyone ask about having this TCAdmin webpanel installed on a typical web host run under Apache. The direct question I've asked but let me clarify it to be sure not to waste time. If the main panel is simply an access site that calls to "client" machines, what is it in TCAdmin that requires IIS? I've used both extensively but I fail to see any justification to restrict the master to one platform (unless it was the largest or only and IIS is neither).




With that said, let me say that our operations use RHE4/cPanel for web hosting and Win2k3-64bit for client machines. And in reading these forums I initially came to see if any of this was compatable with a Windows 64bit OS. If I had an old 32bit Windows machine in active duty I wouldn't even ask but we are a 64bit-only organization. The only 32bit we use in in our webservers as cPanel still doesn't play nice with it and we can do without the unneccessary headaches it would require in our support department. But then again, that's Linux-based running Apache. If the main web panel simply REQUIRES IIS then we could drop it on one of our rigs but then again, they are all 64bit. So can TCAdmin run on our chosen hardware platform?




So with all that said, I'm simply looking to see if TCAdmin is a viable solution for us.





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You don't seem much different here than at the TP/SM forums. If you can't answer the question then go help someone you can please. I've read the requirements. You failed to read the question sir. But hey, you got another post in your count. How about leave the answers to the developers. Arguing with an end-user I can do without.

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The master server houses webpages, but also houses a master monitor program that requires the asp.net framework to function. Therefore Hogie's answer was correct in saying you need asp.net.




To answer your other question regarding windows 64 bit. Yes, our software will run on 64 bit windows.




The only adjustment for the 64 bit OS would be on the master server itself which you would need to allow IIS to run apps in 32 bit mode.




We currently have clients that run all 64 bit windows 2003 machines, and our demo panel is alos currently running on 64 bit win2k3.



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