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Where do you put your config files.


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Hello, i am having som trouble running Hidden:Source, it is very much like CSS.




I ran it without TCADMIn to check, and it worked. It is the same as CSS, but with the tag -game hidden




I have found a hiden config file on this forum (thanx to the poster), but i cannot find where to place it, i went to Remote Desktop to find it but i cant find where to place the config file.




Do you add them from the TCADMIN panel? Any help would be appreciated.





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Just for future reference of other users. TCAdmin configs are imported into the panel using the following method.




Login and goto System Settings>Supported Games. Click the "import" button at the bottom of the page. Click the "browse button" and find the config file on your computer. Then simply import.




If you change a config file you can also select the "overwrite" option, which will overwrite the current config with the new one.

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