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TCAdmin Build 1.0.2403.22991


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After installing this update close your webbrowser for the stylesheet changes to take effect.




<font color="red">- Made some small changes to the default stylesheet. If you are using a custom stylesheet you will have to add "width:695px;" to the .menu_header class and add this class:














- New template system. You can now have more than one template. Your current template will be named to "Custom". Keep an eye on <font color="red">this</font> forum for new templates.






- Added the option to show the current mod in the game server page. This is configured in System Settings > Template Settings






- Added the option to show the FTP server as a link in the game server page. This is configured in System Settings > Template Settings






- Added the option to change how many icons per row are shown. Default is 5. This is configured in System Settings > Template Settings






- Added support for install/uninstall scripts for game setups. The scripts should be batch format on Windows and shell script on Linux. They are executed on the game server's working directory. See System Settings > Supported Games > Install/Uninstall Scripts. Click <font color="red">here</font> for the knowledgebase article.






- TCAdmin can be configured to keep a local copy of downloaded zip/rar game files (installs, patches, maps, mods). It will automatically redownload the file if it changes on the ftp server. This option is enabled in the server settings. The game files path should also be configured and the folder should exist.






- If the FTP server is down and the files are stored locally it will use the local files






- The TCAdmin scheduled task is automatically created and configured to run every 30 minutes when starting the master monitor if it doesn't exist. The collectors will not run if not enabled so they will not use CPU resources.






- Added a warning when trying to create a game server on a remote running a different version than the master






- Added an option in System Settings to allow your remote servers to connect directly to the database. This option is only available if you use MySQL






- Added support for secondary applications. This can be used to configure HLTV, BF2VoIP, game managers, etc. This is configured in System Settings > Supported Games. Click <font color="red">here</font> for the knowledgebase article and an example with HLTV.






- Added %bf2ccpassword% variable to the game configs template






- Added %datetime% variable to the command line settings. Needed to configure some stats programs.






- Added reports for users with dedicated servers assigned






- Game branding has an option to use regular expressions. If set the regular expression pattern is searched in the game server's hostname






- When a game server installation fails it will delete the copied game files






- The user's folder is deleted if empty.






- Added the option to configure hostnames for the IPs in System Settings > Servers > Configure IPs.






- You can now use variables in the "HldsUpdateTool.exe Location" in the Steam Settings. Set to %gameserverfolder%\HldsUpdateTool.exe if you want to use the executable located in each game server's folder.






- Added the COD/COD2 fix when using fs_game














- Added support for the System Monitor plugin. Currently only CPU and memory usage is logged. This makes it compatible with load balancing.






- Added CPU and memory logging to the Game Monitor plugin.






- The correct number of processors and memory shows up the load balancing report.






- When running the monitor in console mode on Linux it stops correctly when pressing enter instead of having to press control+c several times.






- The Punkbuster update was not working correctly






- Added support for Gentoo Linux














- Fixed a problem when the monitor used up 100% CPU when unraring a map pack, overwrite files was unchecked and one of the files already existed






- Fixed a problem when creating a game server and ventrilo server at the same time on different servers






- Sub admin could not change password or update details






- Fixed error when suspending a user that had a ventrilo server






- Some servers showed 0MB of RAM in the server reports






- Private game servers are not sent to game-monitor.com unless the user sends the information






- Only 1 IP ban was shown in the Teamspeak status page






- Game server branding was not being placed when game server was reinstalled






- Fixed a problem on the FTP server with PORT connections on some servers






- Fixed a problem when saving the game server's service settings and some service files were missing

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