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high memory usage on css, and cant see console window


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Hi TCAdmin.




i have a problem and a few questions for tcadmin.




the first one is my memory usage problem, srcds is using 80 megs of memory at idle, but when i set CS:S up manually, it only uses 3MB.. and this is a hughe difference!




the other thing is, when i setup an instance of a game by tcadmin, i cant see the console window. and i would much rather see the console windows for easy server checking.




and my question is, do my dedicated server files go inside thes gamefiles folders?




OS Win2003 R2 SP2


intel Dualcore 3.0Ghz


1GB DDR2 667mhz memory


160GB SATA2 16MB drive.




Thanks for your time.

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In the service settings there is a checkbox called "Interact with Desktop". Put a check in the box, then you can login in console mode via remote desktop to your server to see the game console.




If you need to learn about console mode look here.






I am going to setup a CSS on one of our test servers, because 3 mb sounds way too low, unless the game hasnt started properly.







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actually yea, after watching it, it goes up to 56MB on startup, but once its started it goes to less then 2MB. (without players)




but that doesnt explain why my service on TCAdmin is 80 megs, maybe its not starting properly?

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The game is going to take that much memory once the game becomes active anyways.




If you lose any memory by running the game as a service it is not that much. I know that some games actually drop in memory size when you minimize them as well. However once the game becomes active the ram will be eaten back up.




I am simply curious about this 3mb. That sounds awfully low for any server. Thats why I am download CSS as we speak to test it.




Truth be told, you should run out of CPU long before you run out of ram on most systems.





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im not worrying about running out opf memory, but more curious as to why it uses 80MB with no players. my other server manually set up, uses 22MB with 2 players @ 100 tick.




i just dont get why 80mb at startup.




this is all i know




TCAdmin service service @ 80MB no players


Manual config and startup @ 56MB drops to 3MB once started.

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Well I dunno what's going on over your way, but see attached screenshot. 53 meg for both servers.




1 is stared under TCAdmin as a windows service (denoted by system user)




and the other I started right on the server desktop (denoted by Admin user)




Both are using that same amount of ram.






System specs are:




Dual Xeon 3.0 CPUs


2 GB Ram


Windows 2003 Server



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ok, here is some info with screenshots attached.




TCAdmin server


CSS @ 57megs ( no players)


x2 3.0Ghz intel pentium D CPU's


1GB DDR2 667 mhz memory




Server 2003




Server #2 Manual startup


CSS@ 18 megs ( with 1 player)


3700+ athlon 64


1GB DDR400 memory


36GB Raptor


WinXP sp2





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