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For the love of all things holy - dod issues


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Im trying to make an UNSECURED dod server for a client.




I have added -sercure 0 to command line added secured 0 to the libwhatever.gam file, and even tried adding it to the server.cfg. What is needed for me to make this server unsecred!




I will paypal 5$ to the person who helps me :smile:

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Checked - the problem with google/searches is you have to know what your searching for, the difference between insecure and nonsecure/unsecure is enough to not warrent any results.




We are growing fast, with out inital deployment 85% full (yes we are ordering servers like crazy) we have never had someone request this.




All I can do is mark this down to exp.




Thanks so much.




I never got to take you out for a beer while we were in vegas!

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Hey matey just wanted to suggest one thing to you to make things alittle easyer for you.




In your Game Configs you have an option for Customer Command Line.




Well what i have done is i have added -insecure to the command line so the end user can change the server from Secure to Insecure when ever they need.




This is how i have configured and the Customers love it :smile:




Ok that have an options to +exec which is standard. but here we go :smile:








Description : exec your server.cfg from start up




Description : Change your default map from startup




Description : This command turn's off vac security.




They can make as many command lines as they want so :smile: then you wont have to make a server insecure or secure you can let the end user do it him self.




More control = Happy Clients :smile:





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