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HLTV Secondary Application works great. Just one question. Is there a possibility that you can set the Slots variable when creating the application. By default it uses the primary servers slot #. But usually HLTV sizes are different then the game server itself.




It allows you to set hostname/private/rcon passwords but no slots.




So when a HLTV is setup as a secondary app the customer will receive an email with X slots listed. When it should be more or less than that of the primary server slots.




:smile: I have lots of feedback!

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Yes I understand how to set the maxclients. However can the maxclients be specified while creating the secondary application. Right now it uses the Slots size from the primary applicaiton.




So if the server is 12 slots the HLTV is installed as 12 slots automatically. If I want to specify 50 slots there is no way to do this until after the secondary application is created and the information is emailed to the client which would show them 12 slots instead of 50 slots.




Need to be able to specific Slots during the creation of the Secondary Application.

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