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I am thinking about moving my GSP company to TCAdmin however I have read everything I can find about the software to try and answer these two questions however I cannot seem to find a solid answer.


1.) Does this software have a way of controlling websites as well as game and voice servers? I give a free website to every game server client and I am looking for an all-in-one solution. Currently I have a CP for just my hosting and then a seperate CP for my game/voice servers. I really want my customers to just be able to log into one CP and control everything.


2.) I notice the wording on the features for automatic setup and WHMCS/billing is tricky. I just want to know if out of the box, TCAdmin supports client billing/invoicing and automatic setup of features, or do I need a separate provider, such as WHMCS, to accomplish this. If I need a separate provider for this, what portion, if any, does TCAdmin cover out of the box?


Thanks in advance for the assistance.



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1. TCAdmin ONLY controls your game and voice servers. You will still need a control panel for your customers websites.


2. TCAdmin does NOT have a built in billing solution. However it will integrate easily thru API for WHMCS or Clientexec. WHMCS is probably the most popular. I have used both over the years and have been happiest with WHMCS. I would go with whichever of the 2 suits your needs the best. Both can be configured along with TCAdmin to automatically provision your game/voice servers. The user information (name, address, email address etc) is transferred from WHMCS/CE into TCAdmin.


Hopefully this answers your questions.

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