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Rust Config File?


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I am new to TCAdmin and I am attempting to add Rust as a game. I have downloaded the files from Steam and I am using the wizard to add the game.


I put the following command line in:

./rust_server -batchmode -ip $[service.IpAddress] -hostname $[HostName] -port $[service.GamePort] -maxplayers $[service.Slots] -datadir "serverdata/"


I get the following error:

No configuration files with the following extensions were found: *.cfg;*.config;*.xml;*.txt;*.con;*.ini;*.props;*.properties


Anyone have any idea where I can get this file or how I make it and where to put it? Very confused.


This is my first attempt to add a new game into TCAdmin that is not already installed.


Any help appreciated.




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There's a few threads in the Game Config File section.

Combined with downloadable rust configs.


Hello, I didn't even notice this section, woops! Anyway, I've had a search but can only find people asking about it, not any actual solutions?


I am using Linux (Debian) btw.



Any ideas? Also when I have the file where do I put it?


Thanks for any help.

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