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  1. I do use WHMCS and such, but whenever I have an issue, fast reply. It does seem that Linux is more unstable and such than Windows based. Also 16 dollars a month isn't that overly pricey for a clan is it? Especially if you have a few servers already.
  2. I am a very basic user in that regard. They've covered my needs. I can't judge on that.
  3. To counteract; I haven't had any problems at all in the past months.(Not even big ones before that) I had one little fit on a remote, which I made a ticket for and I had multiple replies in the same day. Perfectly fine. Then again, my Master runs on Windows, most people seem to have issues with the mono/Linux side.
  4. I do own a GSP. Sadly there really is barely any work for anyone here. Just not many problems arising :p

  5. I've been wondering... Do you own a GSP? :') Just interested if there's any work available.

  6. Hey Elite,


    I'd be interested in the licenses, let me know @ rai@simrai.com

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