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Minecraft dynmap


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Hello, some of my customers use Minecraft and want to use dynmap for their websites. How can I allow them to use dynmap as it requires another port?


Are they able to just set it as any port and it will work or do they require a dedicated IP or what?


I'm not entirely sure how this would work as if they're allowed their own ports couldn't this mess with the game server ports?


Any help appreciated,


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if hes hosting MC servers, im sure there is enough for DYNmap.

If not, open the ports for them to externally host? (not 100% how dynmap works, but can always compromise with a API for them...)

also i suggest that if your going to allow them to have DYNmap, charge them extra.. its something that not all hosts have cause it is extra stress on the servers.. also just create a BASH script that changes the config (or rewrites it..) for each person that has it

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Don't forget that dynmap requires a shitload of resources.

Yeah, but this is the clients problem ;D


Anyway, you'd probably want to use dedicated IPs no matter what. There's so many plugins for Minecraft that requires a port to run (such as DynMap and Votifier), and if the client has to manually find a working, open port, it could take a long time.

If you don't want to use dedicated IPs, just change the port in the DynMap config.

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