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Server Slot Modification Error


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I've rented few CS:Go server in a Data Center where they run TCAdmin on Windows Server. I'm facing an issue with TCAdmin where slots jumps over to 27 instead of maximum allowed slots of 26 and it crashes instantly. It happens frequently over the course of an hour.


I initially thought it was from VALVe side, after few email exchange on the mailing list - they don't have any issue that causing server slots to get increased.


My hosting company doesn't have any explanation over what is happening and why slots gets changed. Can you please suggest any working solution, so that I can tag my hosting company to fix from their side. As they did aware of the problem, other 2 major hosting company has a same issue but they didn't have working solution to the problem.

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Every client has a same story. One of the tech member suggested a temporary fix by making 1 slot reserved so that It doesn't crash much often. But that fix doesn't work that well, slot gets increases after few hours and server gets crashed.

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