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Some games missing from install option


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When I go to "Create a Service" in order to install a new game I don't all the games listed in the drop down list, even though I have configured the Server to be allowed to install "[All game and voice servers]".


In fact, I seem to get the same list of games no matter what I configure the server to allow. And the "Show Hidden" box makes no difference.


I have restarted the server box a few times to see if that cured it, but to no avail. I'm using the latest version


Anyone know what is going on and how to sort it?

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Unfortunately most of the games that show up in the list don't actually have any game files in the folders, I only have game files for 3 games actually downloaded, 2 of which show up in the list. 35 games actually show on the list.


Most of the ones that don't show up (25) are in the default list that came with TCA2, so I'm guessing that they are configured correctly. The other 5 are ones that I imported from TCA1, and none of them show up.


Once I have successfully created a game server (I used Insurgency mod) and I go to "Service Settings" I can then see all 65 of the games including all the missing ones, and I can also import gameservers that don't show up from my TCA1 file that I copied from another computer and edited the IPs in.

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At "Create Service" I see 35 games in the list when there should be 65. Of those 35 only 2 actually have Games Files downloaded into the "Game Files Path". There are another 25 games from the default set that comes with TCA2 that do not show up, and 5 that I have imported from TCA1 that also do not show up.


Once I have installed one of the games that does show up, if I go to "Service Settings" for that game I then see all 65 games listed, and can change the gametype to any one of them.


I hope that is clearer.

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I found out what was wrong with my imported game - it didn't have the "files folder name" set for some reason. So it is showing up now.


I also figured out that games will show up in the create list if either:-


1. There is anything in the specified files folder other than the 3 default folders. It can be a file or folder with any name.




2. There is a steam ID set in the games definition.


It was the Steam ID that was causing some of the default games to show and some to not show.


Thank you for your help! :)

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