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Sniper Elite v2 and Sniper Elite 3 Bans


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Well as we all know, there is no anti-cheat in Sniper elite V2 or 3, it is up to the admin's to make the call if they are going to ban a player from their servers.

and If your gaming clan is like mine, you will have multiple servers up.

we currently have 2 Sniper Elite V2 servers and 5 Sniper Elite 3 servers up and running.


The problem is when you ban somebody in one server you would like to ban this player from all of your servers Right?

and Sniper Elite doesn't have a standard text ban file that you can edit, it uses a .dat files that are in binary / Hex.


I have written several flavors of an app that will take multiple ban files and merge them together.

This app is written in C Sharp.

there is a GUI Version and a Command line version and an add on for those people who use TCAdmin.

The GUI version:

Always shut down your game servers first!

in this version you simple run it, locate your ban's .dat files:

SEV2 or SE3 servers that the file are located in the following areas:

C:\Users\%UserName%\AppData\Local\SE3 dedicated server

C:\Users\%UserName%\AppData\Local\SEV2 dedicated server

select them, Click Process then click update dat files, that's it your done fire back up your servers and the bans are now synced across them all.

it will make a back up of the originals and rewrite the merged .dat files

You can Mix SEv2 and SE3 ban Files, they are in the exact same format and use the exact same data for the BAN, the Users SteamId is the GUID in Hex Format for these games

The Command line version:

Always shut down your game servers first.

this will do the same as the GUID version but thru a command line.

as SEV2 and SE3 dedicated server admins you should know that if you are running multiple SEV2 or SE3 servers that the file are located in the following areas:

C:\Users\%UserName%\AppData\Local\SE3 dedicated server

C:\Users\%UserName%\AppData\Local\SEV2 dedicated server

Do NOT Mix SEV2 and SE3 dat files do them separtly!!!

and that the ban files have a naming convention







you would run this app like this:


SE23BM.exe SEV2|SE3 LobbyPort LobbyPort LobbyPort LobbyPort


SE23BM.exe SE3 27050 27075 27100

and again will back up the original and recreate each fill with all the ban's merged together.


if the community wanted they could use this to create a master ban list that they could share!


TCAdmin Add on:

the TCAdmin add on is a separate csharp .exe

this will:

connect to your MySQL database query it for the lobbyports used by userid gameid serverid


create a custom script using the following:


SE23BMTCA SEV2|SE3 %ThisUser_UserId% %ThisGame_GameId% %ThisServer_ServerId% >SE23BM.log


SE23BMTCA SE3 %ThisUser_UserId% %ThisGame_GameId% %ThisServer_ServerId% >SE23BM.log


copy SE23bm.exe and SE23BMTCA into the user directory for the game.

on the first run thru TCAdmin - Manage - Actions - Custom Script Name

it will create a generic setting.xml

Location: C:\Users\TCAGame\AppData\Local\SE23BM

edit it and put your MySQL admin username and pw into it.


make sure that CustomPort 1 in your SEv2 and SE3 cfg is set to be the lobby port


You can find these file on our clan website





Let us know what you think and please report and bug or issues.


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Just a few notes:

The SE23BM.exe has been updated

It turns out, that AvP, SEv2 and SE3 all use the exact same File format and Data for it's Bans, so you can Mix the Ban File's.

I have now added AvP into the mix

The App now creates a BanLog Directory and stores the backed up Original ban_xxxxx.dat files there with a date time stamp.

It also creates a log file listing all of the current bans in a text format. in the same directory


in the game root directory there is now a BanUpdate.txt file where you can add / Del bans

this video will demonstrate how things works.



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