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Having allot of issues with this system, would like to setup automation, but failing every step of the way. The issue which I am having now is that I have created a custom field for the datacenter ID - as you can see :






Latest Error :




Can anyone help?


Regards - Will

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[sOLVED] Turns out I had configured it correctly, just hadn't ticked show on order form :)


It's nearly always something silly.


Edit: Actually, that is really silly. It already is required. Obviously it'd have to show if it's required!

WHMCS tricking everyone.

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The problem was that the 'Datacenter' configurable option wasn't displaying on the order page, thus no Datacenter ID was sent to TCAdmin. It isn't really required in WHMCS, but TCAdmin requires you to have it displayed on the order page (or hardcoded the ID into the default_values.php file) :)

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