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remote console wont auto start in console mode


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Ok, im having a problem. when ever my server restarts for what ever reason, the console starts back up as a service. the problem with this is it does not work in service mode.




when i view my servers that are on my remote server, the control panel says "unknown" meaning it doesnt know if the servers running. so for some reason, i cant rum the TCAdmin console as a service. how can i get it to auto start in a ms-dos console?

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You could add it to the startup program group. However you should really keep it in service mode.




Sounds like you may have windows firewall enabled, and the tcadmin monitorservice hasn't been added to the allowed list when it starts in service mdoe.

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Monitor should use 8888, unless you changed it during the setup process.






Port 81 would be used only by the website. And port 80 would be used to connect to the licensing system.




Best way to test would be turn off any firewall/anti-virus software you have on that machine and start it in service mode and test connectivity.




If it works, then it is a problem with the firewall/anti-virus.

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