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Internal IP is being sent to users instead of External


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Our internal IP is being sent to customers instead of the External.


We use pfSense and we mapped the external to the internal, everything works. Just that wrong IP is being emailed to users. How do we fix this?



Thanks in advance.

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Check the IP in 'Server Administration' -> 'Servers' -> 'Server IP's'.


Yea that is:


Primary IP: External

Firewall IP: External

Private Network IP: Internal


The Firewall IP was automatically set to External at installation, and the Primary was set to Internal, but I changed it to External to test, didn't make any difference.

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Exactly. But a hostname is not required :)


Still doesnt work, weird.


I put the external IP in the Hostname..


My settings are now:


Primary: Internal

Firewall IP: External

Private Network IP: blank


Then in "Server IPs" there was



I pressed the Internal IP and in there I put the external in hostname.


Edit: Btw, its correct when the user gets their login info, but not for the service itself. Here's the mail that is being sent:

Hello $User,


Your $Service server has been created. Here is your x server's


IP: Internal

Port: x

Query Port: x

Slots: x


Please, find the details of your control panel account below.


User: x

Password: x


Best regards, x

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As I said, you don't need to change the hostname of the internal IP. You just need to change the internal IP to the external, or try using the import feature.


Ya try clicking the "Import IP's(v4) button and it will import the IP's bound to the OS into TCAdmin.

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Try adding the IP manually. That might work. Just be sure that you don't make a typo.


Now I cant create a new gameserver. "The ip address 'xxx.xxx.xxx.xxx' is not available in this server. Make sure that it's configured in the operating system's network settings."

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