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Medal of Honor


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hi there


first off


im in the process of buying a dedicated server and have came across a big hurdle. i cant decide whether to get the OS either windows or linux


heres my problem


i was going to use linux to run multiple Medal of Honor gaming servers on because apparently u could do that with linux


my understanding was that windows could only run 1 Medal of Honor server at a time and couldnt run multiple servers




if im told different that i can run multiple medal of honor servers with TCADMIN then im for sure going to be buying this and using a windows based server




all i intend on doing with my server is runnning 2-3 medal of honor servers a counter-strike source server and a teamspeak 2 server..... which license would i need to buy




thank you for taking the time to read this i appreciate it



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You can run multiple MOH servers on either OS, windows or linux. The only limitation would be if you ran out of CPU or RAM.




If you are renting your server and will be looking to run TCAdmin on it, you would order the "Master Server" license. Either leased or purchased.




If you would like to make it even easier, you can allways rent the box and software allready pre-installed and ready to go from one of our affiliates as well. This gives you the box and the software ready to go, and even draws the game files from their content servers.




This takes the gueswork out of installing servers, as you get a simple click to install interface from them.




Let me know if you are interested in that and I can give you some contact info on these affiliates.

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that would be good if u could give me some contacts


also another pre buy question


does TCADMIN have any sort of network monitoring say for example


a certain servers cpu, ram, bandwidth usuage

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