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Teamspeak 3 Music Bot


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I myself run a ts3musicbot from ts3musicbot.net


I came across this thread


on TCAdmin forums about having it integrated, and decided to give it a go as it would make things easier for me in the future for running my own 3 bots. However I know that many of you are gameserver providers, so you would need automatic provisioning/wouldn't have the time to edit a file everytime you created a new bot. So here's my idea:



I have created a working config file, but need some help with automatic provisioining. Not for me, it works for my own personal needs. What I'm trying to say is I've created a config that works but you have to manually edit the command line/link each time for the bot to work on the correct port. I know this can be done with variables, but I'm not much of a developer and am simply trying to say that if anyone is good with TCAdmin configurations I can give them the configuration file and let them tinker with it so then we have a fully working config rather than me posting one that only works on a personal level.


If this makes any sense to you and you're familiar with variables and want this, I will send over the file so you can tinker with it, if you're interested, PM me or reply to this thread. Once we have a working configuration I will be sure to post it to the forums as sharing is caring, and it's not exactly difficult to do, it just required a bit of time and tinkering! I will post a whole tutorial on ts3music bot at some point too!



Kind Regards,

Jerome Haynes

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I do think it's planned for tcadmin though, think I read somewhere on the ts3bot website that they're planning on it, can't be sure though I'd have to check, or maybe luis or ecf could hop into this thread and let us know.


Might be a nice idea, but it will be low on the list of add-ons.


If we can get it working faster they may officially support it sooner.

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