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Can't see files in directory


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In insurgency, there's alot of .txt files in /insurgency/ to specify mapcycles and such.


However, I cant see or edit them through TCAdmin interface, not as a user or admin. But they are there, I checked through SSH.


Ive checked the file permissions, and editable files extensions, and users and admin are allowed to see and edit .txt files, but they won't show up anyway.


I need help to solve this, I dont think users/customers would be so happy that they can't edit mapcycles and stuff like that.

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Try running this command on the folder/file;


chown tcadmin:tcadmin


Then type;


ls-l to verify that in both columns it says tcadmin


If that command doesn't work, I've probably not it through properly it is 4AM :p If it is incorrect, just google change ownership and it will tell you how to change from root/user to tcadmin. Both columns need to say tcadmin by the way.



Kind Regards,

Jerome Haynes

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Have you put in a support ticket? Might be easier that way.


I really don't want to misuse the support or disturb him or them since it's not urgent.


I wanna try to figure it out with you users on this forum and by myself at first. :)


Edit: Or well, that might be the only way. Thanks anyway!

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That's what support is there for. If something is not working please put in a ticket.

Once you get your answer then you can post the fix back to this thread for other users :)


Exactly what I was gonna do ;) Kinda embarrassing because the answer was in the documentation. I did search there though, but didn't find this then.


Here is the solution:


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