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hello friend tcadmin automatically run the executable, in config_sample settings must be out in the root directory and found that inside the folder config_sample not find the executable.


but the server can not function without a command line, the server does not appear in the list of online servers Project Cars



and intentaod run directly dedicatedserver.exe manually but does not appear in the list of online servers



if not open to change some IP in the server.cfg or something to work

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and I saw that my server comes here for 2 minutes but then disappears



but my intention is to appear in the list of online servers own game which is seen more secure. and that the server is disconnected appears after three minutes


Here the server console this brand


[12/05/2015 18:05:13] Log session started


[12/05/2015 18:05:13] [0,0] SetSteamID ([A: 1: 0: 0])

[12/05/2015 18:05:13] [1,2] Connect () starting connection (eNetQOSLevelLow,, UDP)


[12/05/2015 18:05:14] [1,2] ConnectionCompleted () (, UDP)

[12/05/2015 18:05:14] [1,2] RecvMsgClientLogOnResponse (): [A: 1: 1960376329: 5474] 'OK'



[12/05/2015 18:05:27] Log session started


[12/05/2015 18:05:27] [0,0] SetSteamID ([A: 1: 0: 0])

[12/05/2015 18:05:27] [1,2] Connect () starting connection (eNetQOSLevelLow,, UDP)


[12/05/2015 18:05:28] [1,2] ConnectionCompleted () (, UDP)

[12/05/2015 18:05:29] [1,2] RecvMsgClientLogOnResponse (): [A: 1: 1960538119: 5474] 'OK'

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