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How to setup TCAdmin 2 on Debian 8


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Hi folks,


We wanted to try out Debian 8, codename 'Jessie', so we bought a new dedi and installed Debian 8 as the OS. However, when we got to installing TCAdmin, we ran into a few problems. I contacted Luis, and he made it work on Debian 8 with a workaround.


I thought that this thread could come in handy for anyone wanting to use Debian 8. Please post any questions you might have :)


Here's the installation process for 64-bit servers:

  1. Download and install mono
    wget [url]http://www.tcadmin.com/installer/mono-2.11.4-x86_64.deb[/url]
    apt-get update
    dpkg -i mono-2.11.4-x86_64.deb

    This next part is important! Executing 'apt-get install -f' will remove the mono installation - don't execute it yet, even though the original guide says so.

    cp -r /opt/mono-2.11.4/ /opt/mono-2.11.4-back/
    apt-get install -f
    cp -r /opt/mono-2.11.4-back/ opt/mono-2.11.4/
    /opt/mono-2.11.4/bin/mozroots --import --sync --quiet
    /opt/mono-2.11.4/bin/mono --aot -O=all /opt/mono-2.11.4/lib/mono/2.0/mscorlib.dll
    for i in /opt/mono-2.11.4/lib/mono/gac/*/*/*.dll; do /opt/mono-2.11.4/bin/mono --aot -O=all $i; done

  2. Install the rest of the dependencies
    apt-get install libpcap0.8 lsof

  3. Install TCAdmin
    wget [url]http://www.tcadmin.com/installer/tcadmin-2-bi.noarch.deb;dpkg[/url] -i tcadmin-2-bi.noarch.deb

  4. Follow the initial configuration: http://help.tcadmin.com/Initial_Configuration


If everything worked out fine, you should be able to access TCAdmin on your server.

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How come this works? From what I can tell it's installing mono then removing parts of it then copying parts from the one you installed in the first place? I may be totally wrong, I literally just glanced/skimread it + I'm a centos/rh guy not a ubuntu/debian guy :p , and woah, how did that happen to your house? :o

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