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CSGO Windows Setup Error


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Trying to install CSGO on our windows server by using TCADMIN2. Getting the error below. I copied the srcds.exe from CSS Folder and the install completed but I never could get it to connect through steam or showup on servers list. Was this the correct thing to do or is it the incorrect srcds.exe file to copy? I glanced at the Linux install and it is along the lines of csgo_run. Any help is appreciated!





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Well I did tried that last night and I guess I did it wrong as I did it again this morning and was able to get the correct copy for csgo. Will give it a shot. Thank you


Server is running but I have this showing on the servers window. I saw someone else post this issue and someone said to update the server but I have done that and it did not fix the issue. My commandline is the default one through TCAdmin. Have not made any adjustments yet.



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Okay, so after searching and searching and searching...I finally found the solution. Sorry I didn't update my posts.


It was a simple command - host_players_show 2 - Just have to have that correct word in your search parameters to find the answer! Not sure if this needs to be added to the templates for tcadmin for csgo overall because my install was a fresh install minus the srcds.exe that I got from steamcmd.exe

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