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TCAdmin 2.0.92 now available


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New Features


  • Added support for 2-step verification.
  • The "Change Password" option has been changed to "Account Security" where 2-step verification can be configured and the password can be changed.
  • An activity log is created for each game/voice service. It has description of each start/stop/restart.
  • Activity logs can be viewed using the log viewer. You can give users access to these logs in the game's feature permissions tab.
  • Billing API suspend/unsuspend works with servers assigned to a user. Just make sure the server's billing id is set.
  • The Linux website can be configured to run with Nginx instead of the built in web server.
  • Added server and service filter to scheduled tasks.
  • Remote servers can be updated in Server Management > Servers > Update Remotes.
  • Automatic scrolling is disabled in console/file/script streaming if the user scrolls up manually. Scroll all the way down to enable automatic scrolling again.
  • Added support for Cloudflare Flexible SSL
  • Control panel website can be enabled on remote servers. Select the remote server and select the website settings tab.
  • Added field in server settings so custom certificate thumbprint can configured in Windows remote servers.


New Articles



Bug fixes


  • Fixed bug allowing user to get free slots by creating a TS snapshot, downgrade slots, then restore the snapshot.
  • Fixed bug that prevented the service manager from detecting an existing process that was using the same IP and port on Linux.
  • Authentication cookie was configured for any type of connection even if SSL Access was set to All Pages in security settings.
  • Fixed URLs in ajax requests that could break when using port redirection or reverse proxy.
  • Script parameters could not be configured when creating a scheduled task for a service.
  • Fixed object reference error when user created a voice server on an assigned server.
  • Before/after steam update scripts were executed while the game server was running.
  • TCAdmin was checking if TCAGame existed in the domain even if it was configured to use local users.
  • Sub user could not see custom link even if he had permission.
  • Steam Update popup was not working on some configurations.
  • Fixed sharing violation when reading theme's CSS files.
  • Improved CPU usage of Service Manager on Linux.
  • Custom links were not imported when importing a game config.
  • Setting the mod's install type to Configuration editor could reset the service's variables.
  • Added missing countries.
  • Fixed 100% CPU usage on Linux when downloading some files with the file manager.
  • Fixed bug that caused default variables to have global configuration instead of per game.

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Limit Service's Disk Space

Automatically create a mysql database


That's it. Un-freaking-believable. Best update since ... Since a long time ago! Thaaaaaanks!


One thing: When trying to update from (where the website is now running on Windows remote instead of Linux master), the following error shows when trying to update: Error - Could not find a part of the path "/home/tcadmin/Monitor/C:\Program Files\TCAdmin2\Backups\/backup-20150611203708.sql".


I know you said to me that you would fix the mass email problem, but has this also been fixed in the newest update? I know I gotta update the servers manually to get the update, I just wanted to know for the next update :)

Edited by DennisMidjord
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Thanks I'll fix the database backup error on the next update. You will still get the error when updating to 2.0.93 but updating to 2.0.94 should work. You can avoid the error by disabling the database backup.


Yes mass email is fixed.

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