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Redesign of TCAdmin 2


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Hi boys and girls


It's no secret that the current design of TCAdmin looks like it's a few years old. It's clumsy, not too user-friendly, and could, to put it mildly, use a caring hand.


I know that I'm probably not achieving anything with this since the software is still being heavily modified (which would require the designer to be available to implement the new features in the design), but I thought that I would at least give it a go. Because I really want a sweet looking panel, just like the rest of the users here on the forums.


I've been an active member of these forums since 2013, and I've been trying to make TCAdmin look pretty, but it's not something that's easy to do without hacky js stuff.

Back in early 2014, I shared some of the changes I made to our installation of TCAdmin overnight. We never used the design because it didn't fit our former website design, but I think I did a pretty good job, especially just for some changes to the CSS.


Now, I know that this might sound crazy and all, but through the last 2 years I have spend a lot of time in the software, I've been listening to user feedback (even though we don't ask for it, lol), and I've been in contact with the TCAdmin guys so many times that I lost count after the first couple of months... But, I'm willing to devote some of my time to redesign the entire front-end. I have an idea about how I could do it, and I would have no problem keeping up to date with the changes that Luis & co. are pushing.


We have a few hundred customers, and we are in contact with a couple of them. It's easy for me to get feedback on what the end user thinks looks neat, and what is total bullshit. Not to mention that I have a good portion of the active members of this board as contacts on Skype - even more direct feedback.


Long story short: I'd like to redesign TCAdmin. I just need permission from the TCAdmin staff to do so; It makes no sense to redesign everything, and then be denied to have the code implemented.



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TCA needs a facelift badly. Current theme looks really obsolete. It makes me cringe at times and the same has been reported by clients.


A bootstrap responsive theme would be awesome, or at the very least least something easily skinnable and mobile compatible.


This should already be provided by TCA methinks, but I don't really mind about who makes it, as long as it happens.

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This should already be provided by TCA methinks, but I don't really mind about who makes it, as long as it happens.

I don't think it'll be anytime soon then. Not saying that they're lazy or anything like it, but they're also working on an API, which should be of higher priority :)


Wouldn't take me many weeks to have a design ready. Most likely just a couple of days. But, I'd think that some new code would need to be available from the software to be able to select the code.

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That's something a lazy person would say. I don't wanna be rude, but it is. There's no ETA on anything that the devs make (at least not a public one), and tbh I don't mind this. I know that important updates are released when needed, and new features and bug fixes are happening from time to time. However, many people (both owners of TCAdmin and their customers) wants a software that looks more modern.


Now, I can't be 100% sure, but I highly doubt a redesign is something that's high on TCAdmin's to do list. They've already stated previously that an API will happen, but they don't know if it will be tomorrow, in a month or in a year. What I'm suggesting will only take a few days, maybe a few weeks, and probably won't require too much work from Luis himself. There's not much difference from the classic TCAdmin 1 design and the default TCAdmin 2 beta design. Does anyone know how old the design is?

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