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  1. I've been using TCadmin since 2012, but lately we're experiencing some problems with the stability of the software. For example there are issues with the master server and database connections using SSL/TLS. We're also having issues with the provisioning of new services on some nodes, the provisioning task for services is starting to take a long time (20+ minutes) - this seems to be related to the algorithm which looks for available ports. We've contacted the support (Luis), but some tickets are just being closed or not being replied to. We have ticket open for 3 - 4 months, but in the last few weeks we no longer receive any reply and we still don't have a proper solution. We also have tickets open since 2015, with suggestions for improvements to the software. But we never received any response for these tickets. I'm a bit worried about the future of TCadmin, the development seems to have stagnated and the lack of support in certain cases is worrying. I'd like to get an update on the support tickets, and a solution to the problems we're experiencing. It's frustrating when customers contact us because the control panel doesn't respond or when the creation of a new services takes ages. Additionally it would be nice to get a roadmap or plans for the future of TCadmin. As our business currently depends on this software and we need to know what's planned for the future.
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