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americas army proving grounds config file


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So I have the server up and running, but when I try to edit the DefaultGame.ini file, the server doesn't accept the changes. Additionally, if I use port 27015 as the Query Port, it takes the information from my Insurgency server that I am running on 27015.

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use appid: 203290 like NoDoze posted the DefaultGame.ini file is used for updates by the army so if they change any settings it will be over written and applied to your AAGame.ini file and it does not launch the game. it's a rather buggy setup since it changes the hostname/password every time the server is updated. You can create a short cut using the AAlauncher32 and add [space]/DS to the target parameter before you launch it on the desktop. Create an instance,add your settings, and start it, then it will generate an AAGame.ini file and a few others for you in a folder AAPG\AAGame\Config\AAHostAServerConfig0. Take all of these files and copy them into your AAPG\AAGame\Config (remove the default ones) folder and your good to go. At the bottom of the AAGame.ini file you will see some code like this:






remove it and save the file.


Game Port:7778

Query Port:27020

Rcon Port:7778

Custom Port 1: 9010 <--- PB web tool

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How do we account for spectator slots? Right now if my max slots is 24 and the server is full and a spectator joins, the server shuts down due to it having too many slots. The game will automatically increase the slots to 25.

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