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Posting and asking for Config files - Please read!


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It has been called to my attention that posts being made here contained personal information as well as advertising and flaming of users.


Our forums are setup for user to user help, not for selling products or services, posting personal information or flaming users.


We do provide an advertising forum for just such posts located here:



If you would like to request a config then please do so. But keep in mind that just because you post a request does not mean that anyone will post one for you. Your best bet is to learn how to create your own config files.


Anyone asking for monetary compensation for a game config file in this particular forum will lose their access to this forum. Please use the advertising forum for posts regarding configs for money.


Also... anyone posting personal information, or flaming someone publicly here will also lose their forum access.


Again, please remember these forums are for user to user help, not to promote selling anything.


Please refer to our general forum rules here: http://clientforums.tcadmin.com/showthread.php?t=12


Pay particular attention to 1 and 4 in this instance.


Thank you,

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