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CSGO eBot problems with permissions


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I'm in a real hurry and need some help.


eBot can't change maps, title, and other settings. It doesn't work fully as intended.


Could this have anything to do with execute permissions? I know only srcds_linux and srcds_run should have +x, unfortunately many other files have it as well. I just removed it from instance .cfg, .bsp files and such, so the user could see and change these files from file-manager.


When I remove them on a deployed server, tcagame doesnt have permission to the service folder and cant start the server.


Anyone had this problem before?


Just need any help whatsoever, any advice on what it might be would be great. I really appreciate it.

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No need to remove the x you just need to give the user acces (usually the user is in a group so group permissions are fine too) the files should have 774 (full permission for owner+ the group the owner belongs too + viewing permissions for any other user on the system)

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Why not repair permissions with tcadmin?


It doesnt do anything, really weird.


For a small update, it seems the problem is that the server cant exec some configs, even tho they are there with the correct name.


So, the question should rather be, have you had this problem with exec/configs before?

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