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  1. Anyone correct me if I am wrong but a VPS is not meant for this kind of hosting. You'll be sharing the ressources of the machine with multiple other people and the performance will suffer from it. You may be able to run the Gmod server and the Teamspeak but i'm pretty sure you can forget rust
  2. Have you bought one ? The license key should come pretty instantanious
  3. Sorry just saw your message right now. If you registred to the forum using the same email as you did for your license purchase you should be able to access them. If not log into the main page (where you can review your license). You should be able to white-list your address to the forums by yourself. If that fails to simply open up a support ticket, the staff is always helping.


    Hope this helps

  4. Hey,


    I've noticed in one of your posts where you said that people who have a purchased license have access to a special board in the forum. I currently own one but i have no idea on how to get access to that board. Could you help me out?

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