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TCAdmin 2.0 Pre-Sale Question


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I'm interested in purchasing a TCAdmin 2.0 License. However, I'm struggling to know what specifications my server would require for the software. Here are a few questions I require answering.


1. Could this software be able to handle a VPS?


2. What is the minimum/maximum requirements for this software to be run on a VPS/Dedicated Server?


VPS Specifications



2 Core Processor


4 TB Transfer


Also, I would be running a Rust, Teamspeak and Garry's Mod Server

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Anyone correct me if I am wrong but a VPS is not meant for this kind of hosting. You'll be sharing the ressources of the machine with multiple other people and the performance will suffer from it.

You may be able to run the Gmod server and the Teamspeak but i'm pretty sure you can forget rust

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Rust will work but run like crap. ts and gmod will be sweet. I dont know if it has been fixed but rust on bootup use to use 100% of everything just to boot the server.

You can run tcadmin on a vps but its not that goood dedi is the way to go.

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I know this is an old thread, but I'm replying in the hope that it'll help future users.


TCAdmin itself doesn't require that much resources, however the games themselves usually use quite a significant amount of resources.


I think Rust alone would be pushing it on those specs. Honestly, it's usually worth it to just get a small dedicated box. That way you'll atleast know the resources are all yours to use. Or a virtual dedicated server atleast.

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