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NEED HELP! Arma 3 Windows Server


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I'm trying to install the Arma 3 Server on a Windows Server.


After I've run the SteamCMD update to Arma 3 and uploaded Arma 3 - Windows Game Config and configure this windows game config and then install an arma 3 server, I get "Running (pid 0)" and the arma 3 server is not online.


I have therefore created this thread in the hope that someone has information about the 3 windows server configuration that would make it work?

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Yes i am running the Arma 3 Game Server with the TCAdmin Control Panel v2.


So that's a possible solution to change the game config at -- > Games and other voice services ? - If yes, what game config would currently work with the arma 3 game files?

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Make sure all the dependancies are installed. see Bohemia for more info. I personally would run the server via a batch file initially to make sure all is ok. You need to have the correct startup parameters ports etc in your command line.

These are from my Arma3 Setup [[ -ip=$[service.IpAddress] -port=$[service.GamePort] "-config=SW\config.cfg" "-cfg=SW\basic.cfg" "-profiles=SW" -name=SW ]]. Also make sure it is fully up to date use steam command via tc admin. Ensure the game id is correct and not the game one but Arma 3 Server ? AppID: 233780 ? Steam Database - SteamDB. Good Luck

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Hmm the trouble is solved about the DirectX for now.


But when i go to the arma 3 game server and go to "Current Activity & Stats" at the tcadmin control panel it says: IP:PORT is not responding to query.


Does anyone have a solution for this?

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