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Custom link error


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I created a custom link for a Mgt. utility that clients can download. I have tried placing it in several areas, either within clients that only rent that specific title or in the users home page with the same result.


The link is valid but is seems to keep reloading the page and never offers the download.


I have created a user for you to see the error


Link is too BHD remote manager.




userID linkdemo

password linkme


I am stumped. I have checked and rechecked and could not find any related topics here under a search.

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The link continually tries to reload, although if you right click and select 'save target as' you can download the file.


I don't have an answer as to why it won't allow the download to begin, but will post back if I find out anything further.

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If you are trying to use link manager within TCAdmin to link to a file it will not work. It is designed to link to external webpages, not files.


Well, Can't blame a guy for trying then now can ya. Thanks for the reply and quick answer. Maybe a feature request in the the next update? Would be nice to have it all there for them as they are always losing there emails with the links.

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Yup, My thoughts exactly. I am working on custom pages now as I will have to make a seperate page for each utility. With my luck if I do not they will DL and install a utility for the wrong gametype.


Sidebar question>> With the new update you introduced the hidden files feature which is working great. Is it possible for a hidden file to be written to via the the custom config editor? TCA should still know it is there I would assume and therefore be able to wrtite to a file if it is in the config editor?

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Just posting a workaround instead of having a customlink to a downloads page.


In the config editor I just made a custom HEADER with the Description


"<center>Download Anaconda 3.0 Remote Manager <a href='http://www.snmservers.com/downloads/bhdrm300.zip' target=top>here</a>


Or whatever utility is needed for that gametype. Click it and it offers the download. less confusing then having a client try and figure out which utility he needs. As you all know there are some clients that have not a clue.


Hope this helps anyone interested.

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