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SSO Login


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SSO Login

If you use the "Cloud Backups" module ensure that you update to 1.0.4 to fix the "RestSharp" conflict.


This module provides the ability to login to TCAdmin via 3rd party services using the OAuth2 Protocol.


  • Login with:
    • WHMCS (Link with your own installation)
    • Github
    • Discord
    • Google
    • Facebook
  • Customizable images for login screen
  • Customizable images for SSO screen
  • User friendly SSO screen to link all their accounts.


  • Login to your TCAdmin and head to the Plugin Repository.
  • Click Modules and click "SSO Login"
  • Click "Install Module"


After the installation is complete you should now see a "OAuth Settings" button on the TCAdmin Settings page. Click this to configure the module.

If you find an issue or want something implemented into this. Please create an issue on the github page - https://github.com/Alexr03/TCAdminOAuth


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Images are located at: /Views/<Theme/Default>/TCAdminOAuth.Controllers/Images change the relevant files there.

To test/verify that it is working correctly, install the module, and configure one of the providers. Then goto Account Security then click on the "Single Sign On" tab, and link an account. If it links successfully then the module should be working as intended.

If you have any issues let me know.

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On 12/11/2022 at 10:35 AM, btalhosting said:

@Alexr03hello, Im using the https connection and domain setup with nginx. Could you please tell me how can I set this for that domain ? since when I set

https://domain/OAuth/Callback it just says "invalid oauth2 redirect url"

Try both http & https callback urls

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