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Counter-Strike: Global Offensive


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Counter-Strike: Global Offensive

Please note: This config requires or newer.
At the time of releasing this config, is the latest pre-release. In order to install, you should first be sure that you're on by going to System > Check for updates. Be 100% sure that you're on Once you're 100% sure - and please don't upgrade without being absolutely sure since the database won't get updated otherwise - you can install manually using the Update Tool: https://help.tcadmin.com/Updating#Manual_Update


  1. Download the config
  2. Go to TCAdmin > System > Settings > Game & Voice Hosting > Game & Other Voice Servers > Import
  3. Save the config as a new config or chose "Overwrite existing config" if you which to overwrite your current Counter-Strike: Global Offensive config. Remember to select Counter-Strike: Global Offensive in the 'Update Game' field if you do
  4. Leave all other settings


  • Download maps from Steam Workshop
  • Mods included
    • Metamod
    • Sourcemod
      • Warmod
    • ESL Server Configs
  • Update to beta versions
  • Supports GSLT Popup (recommended)


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Is it possible to change the "Steam Workshop" function on CSGO, so it will download/unpack map inside "csgo/maps/workshop/workshop-ID/mapname.bsp"

As example:
I'm downloading map via workshop called: de_dust2 [1.6] <-> where it will unpack to: 


Here is my question. How can I make, so it will unpack to this method:


Thank you 😃

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22 hours ago, Dennis said:

@Mikkel That shouldn't be a problem but I can't see why you would take that approach instead of the current one.
Could you tell me why?

@Dennis it's because I'm not planned to adding "FastDownloads" - so if it's possible. I can always switch back.

Right now, I can't get the "FastDownloads" function to work yet, so I will need to get this "method" as a setup (temporary) until I can get FastDownloads up and running. ^^

So where can I make the changes, so I can put Steam Workshop to work as standard, so they will unpack to "csgo/maps/workshop/mapID/mapname.bsp"

Thanks 😃

Edited by Mikkel
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10 hours ago, Dennis said:

Check the service activity logs. It's probably shutting down because it can't query the server.

I disabled the query detection and still nothing the last thing I get in the console is

Switching filesystem to allow files loaded from disk (sv_pure_allow_loose_file_loads = 1)

and activity log  is just 

16/12/2021 18:32:22	Restart	SYSTEM	Detected process crash
16/12/2021 20:03:44	Start	Admin	***.***.***.***	Control Panel
16/12/2021 20:04:03	Restart	SYSTEM	Detected process crash
16/12/2021 20:04:31	Restart	SYSTEM	Detected process crash

even after reboot

Edited by itzdaniel483
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On 12/20/2021 at 9:21 AM, Dennis said:

And you run it manually as the user as per the documentation?

Also, if you're on Windows server 2019, make sure to read this: https://help.tcadmin.com/Compatibility_with_Windows_10_and_Windows_Server_2019

I followed the documentation it yes the game server ran, I have tried that link as Luis pointed me to it when I first tried to install TCADMIN on 2019 


Edited by itzdaniel483
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What's New in Version 1.0.3  

  • [Removed] "Skirmish" commandline
  • [Changed] All commandlines have had small changes
  • [Changed] Exclude Files for Fast Downloads
  • [Changed] Links for Sourcemod and Metamod: Source
  • [Changed] Query Protocol now set to Half Life 2 new (UTF-8)
  • [Added] New configuration file: gamemode_custom_server.cfg
  • [Added] Repair options
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What's New in Version 1.1.0  

After updating/installing this config, please go to System > Settings > Games & Other Voice Servers > Counter-Strike: Global Offensive and click "Update existing services".

  • [Added] Before starting the server, TCAdmin will now delete logs inside "csgo\0" if they are older than 7 days.
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