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Windows Server 2022 and TCAdmin?


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Hey mate

I have been using windows 2022 a while now for tcadmin its better performance on it and it works fine for tcadmin

The problem i highly recommend you not to use windows 2022 for its for vps hosting, its some ways/attackers they can do on the vps that give them control over the normal storage. Outside that i havent found any bugs yet

My server its running perfect for





Minecraft/bedroock/with mods or not

The forest


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On 1/23/2022 at 3:25 AM, tmyrdal said:

What version of Windows server 2022 do you run ?

Is it ok with the standard version or most you have datacenter edition ?

Sorry for not saying anything in about 1 day didt see anyone type, both standard version and datacenter works fine i think you are limited on how many cores/ram you can use on the standard one so you have to use datacenter if you have a lot off ram, outside that i havent have any problem with my windows 2022 yet

I think im using 10.0.20348.405

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I vote for LaGgls opinion as ive upgraded Windows 2019 datacenter to windows 2022 Datacenter edition for a while now and so far i havnt found any issue, mostly nothing at all compared to 2019.


Windows 2022 noticeably faster in term of performance, not to woow level but it is noticeable.

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As far as I know, TCAdmin should run just fine on Windows Server 2022, but it really depends on the version of TCAdmin you're using. If you're using a more recent version, then it's likely to run without any issues, but if you're using an older version, there could be some compatibility problems.Have you checked the TCAdmin website for any information on compatibility with Windows Server 2022? If not, it's definitely worth taking a look.If you're still unsure, you might want to check out the Reddit windows key. The community over there is pretty helpful and knowledgeable about all things Windows Server.

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