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Steam Update Command Line


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Well this is what I keep getting everytime I try to run the Steam Update icon:

Stopping the game server...

Game server has been stopped.

WARNING: unrecognized parameter 'source'

Checking bootstrapper version ...

Updating Installation

** 'game' options for Source DS Install:


"Counter-Strike Source"




** 'game' options for HL1 DS Install:











** 'game' options for Third-Party game servers:






HLDS installation up to date

Starting the game server...

Game server has been started.

The Steam update has completed. You may close this window.


And the Command line is now correct using what you gave me :)

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Think I found what your issue is.


Goto System Settings>Supported Games and click on the CS Source game config.


Locate the HLDSUpdateTool Settings section and in the Steam Game Type field make sure it says Counter-Strike Source WITHOUT quotes around it.


Save, and you should be good.

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I am posting this here in case anyone wants to use it. My counterstrike tools with custom install .bat files for installations and updates.




Just edit the last line in the .BAT file of your choice CS , CSS whatever gametype and point it to the install directory. Save it and execute it.


I made one bat file for each game type.


Merry Xmas



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