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CoD Anti-Crash Will Pay


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Does anyone know of any working anti crash patches, commands or something for call of duty because there are some children that go round crashing servers and mine constantly gets crashed.


If anyone can help or has a working one I will pay!

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I also remember looking at something that blocks requests from IP's or something.


Would this work if there is a program that blocks ip's sending packets or something to the server?


know of any programs?


cos I have the ip of the guy doing it

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Hey thats pretty good. The guy releases a tool that has a exploit in it, but at least he made a fix for it. I must have missed that one Kev.



And i have a firewall and he is banned.

But he doesn't have to be in the server to crash it


If he is blocked via firewall then he can't send anything to your server wether he is logged in or not unless he is rotating his IP or the infamous Proxy.

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