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COD1 server keeps crashing


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We have a COD rifle and harbor only server running but it keeps crashing, in tcadmin it says it's still running and that shows also in task manager but the server shows offline in the cod server list.

This is not just since we have tcadmin, also had it before but curious if people know a solution.

We already patched the server to stop the msgboom script so that's not the issue.

And we use AWE 2.12, also the logfile doesn't show anything weird.

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In the console type "serverinfo" and then "status" both without the quotes. I bet it says "server not running".


If thats the case check your mods as most likely they will be the issue.

You are running what? AWE, Rifles only both mods i believe.



TCadmin only see's the active executable running which when these gasmes lock still stay active.

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The best way to troubleshoot is make sure the service has "Interact with desktop" enabled, and then when the server crashes don't restart it, but login as console so you can see the actual game console.


The following troubleshooter has info on how to login as console.



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No, it should be right after the server crashes when you login so you can see the error message, not while the server is empty.


If I want to make it "Interact with desktop" then I have to restart the server so that's why...

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=============================== CVAR DUMP ========================================


Then you get a huge list of server settings etc and the last log lines are:


ui_mousePitch "0"

ui_sd_roundlimit "10"

ui_sd_scorelimit "10"

ui_sd_timelimit "0"

ui_timeoutBank "180000"

ui_timeoutLength "90000"

ui_timeoutRecovery "10000"

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Think it has to do with AWE 2.12, when starting the server manually it shows all auto messages as UNLOCALIZED(xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx) but when you start the server with a gamepanel so as service you wont get to see this messages so it seems to be good but it aint.

Now I fixed this AWE thing so that it never comes up with the error UNLOCALIZED and I think/hope this solved the problem, time will tell.

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