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A question before purchase


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Hi TCAdmin.


We were clients of yours before swiching to linux and having to move.


We know there was a linux BETA that was unsupported and was just a side project, We would like to be given the chance to alteast try this unsupported beta linux remote console.


Due to it being unsupported we know we wont really get help with it, however we would like to try as it could make a huge difference to us.


We will be buying 2 Windows lisences and if we can use the linux beta another 2 lisences, hosting the master on windows.


We do know someone who is using that linux beta and he has told us there isnt really anything wrong with it.


Thanks in advance


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If you are looking for a linux solution I would suggest looking at some of the ones that ofder it. A quick google search should pull them up.


Yeah, but they dont compare to TCAdmin.

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haha, never!

Ive got myself something setup for my linux boxes now. il just keep my windows ones with you.


Thanks anyway ECF.


Which option is this?


I tried :grin:

Why is it that you guys really do not want to offer a Linux version? It would give so much more customers and help GSPs grow so much more!


I really don't understand why you guys want to keep away from Linux?


Btw, what's better to run a Game Server, Windows or Linux?

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1. 99.9% of people don't know how to use linux, they only use it because it is free.

2. Due to #1. we are then required to hire more support staff to handle the influx of support issues resulting from #1.

3. We then raise our pricing to compensate for the increased support and everyone that wanted linux now complains that it is too expensive, because they really don't want to pay anything, cause they are used to free software like linux :)

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