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TCAdmin Build 1.0.2640.11313


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- Added fix to work around the error caused by Windows 2003 Service Pack 2


- Added %ip_hostname% variable. The %serverip% variable will not show the ip's hostname. Use %ip_hostname% in templates and command lines if you want to use the hostname.


- FTP shows modified date instead of creation date


- Added an option to set a custom display text for game and voice servers. This text is shown in the game and voice server list.


- Added server and mod columns in the game server list


- Added server column in the voice server list


- Removed the limit of 255 characters in command lines


- Added an option in the server settings to delay the startup of game servers after restarting Windows. The services will start one at a time and pause the number of seconds especified between each service startup. While the services are starting they will show up as Start Pending in the control panel. The game server's TCAdminService.exe needs to be updated for this to work correctly. This is done by restarting the service from the control panel (not from remote desktop).


- Added the ftp client mode to server settings. This is used when connecting to an FTP server to download files. Default is passive mode.


- Added the monitor priority to server settings. This is the process priority used by the monitor console and service. Default is below normal.


- Added service limit to server settings. The billing api will not install more services than specified. You will get a warning when creating a game server if the limit has been reached.


- The game mover works when a game server shares the same ip and port with another game server.


- The user will be suspended/unsuspended when all his game and voice servers are suspended/unsuspended with the billing api.


- Removed ping column from game server administration page for games that don't return pings in the query.


- Removed score from ventrilo status page.


- Filemanager uploads and downloads use hostname instead of the server ip. This allows it to work when the server is behind a firewall.


- The autosetup page (when creating game servers with the billing api) should load faster when the control panel has lots of remote servers.


- The game server mover tests the ftp server connection and the monitor versions on both servers before starting the move.


- Increased the field length of image url in custom links.


- Added advanced settings for in pending setups. This takes you to the game or voice server creation page with all the values already set.


- Added an option in the game server mover to keep a copy of the game server.


- Added a length limit field in config editor.


- TCAdmin will keep the status of the Teamspeak servers in memory so the voice server list is faster.


- Added master hardware firewall settings in TCAdmin Config Utility.


- Added the option to close support tickets without the need to add a reply.


- Administrators can reopen support tickets.


- When a user is deleted his support tickets are closed but they can still be viewed.


- Added an option to game updates so they are only visible for admins.


- Added send email links on the voice and game server page.


- Added support for game server monitor feature "When the Game Server Doesn't Respond x Times in a Row" to games that don't have game compatibility enabled.


- Added log viewer for ventrilo services.


- When the delete command is sent to the billing api it also deletes pending setup.


- When changing the game type for an existing game service the ports are not changed.





- Fixed a problem when ticket is assigned it added extra message to user inbox when this feature is enabled



- Fixed error in linux monitor when saving text files with special characters


- Fixed problem with Windows line breaks in linux game install/uninstall scripts


- Fixed a problem when downloading large files in the Linux version. This fixes the errors when moving large game servers and FTP installs with large files.


- Fixed an error when creating a game and voice server with different service levels with the billing api.


- Fixed a problem that caused the control panel to not send the error notification email when there is an error creating a standalone teamspeak server with the billing api.


- Added a fix when uploading files in the file manager with a secure connection. The file manager popup window will use an http connection.


- Game mover will only send the email to user if it is configured in the automation settings.

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Delay Between Service Startup means whatever you set in seconds, the services will wait wehn you restart the entore box.


So service 1 is given the start command, then TCAdmin will wait the specified number of seconds that you specify in that field before it sends the start command to service #2, and so on.


The field above that is Service Limit: This is designed to stop installling servers on that machine once it reaches the limit you set.

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