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Halo Error (levels\ui\ui)


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I installed Halo but recieve the following error.


We have detected that one of the Halo PC files is missing or corrupt. We recommend reinstalling the game. (levels\ui\ui)


I tried reinstalling and here is the default command line to start the game. I can start it from double click the icon but not thru tcadmin or if i run the command line. It is on the default ip.


C:\UserFiles\ADMIN\GameServers\TC20640233537081287123855\haloded.exe -exec halo.txt -ip xxx.x.xxx.xxx -port 2301


Thanks in advance!!

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ya it is wierd if I run the command line from run it gives the same error he mentions above, but if I go to a command prompt then change to the users directory then put in the exe command line it runs fine, but will not run fromt he gamepanel

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This was fixed via support ticket. There was a game error popping up about the game not shutting down correctly the last time it was run, which was causing the server to not start. Similar to the COD errors.

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