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Renting vs. Leasing from dell/HP


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I was looking at leasing options from dell and I can get a blazing fast machine. These are the specs:

2x Dual core xeon 2.66 GHz

4 gb 667 ECC ram

Windows server standard w/ 5 CAL's

2x 1000 mbps ports


We will be co-locating with this machine if we purchase it. How many slots/servers can i get on this beast?

Thanks for all the help guys!


EDIT: If i co locate in a local data-center I only get 1000 gb of bandwith. Is that good for this or no?

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As has been stated before.

What game?

What business structure: cheap bulk servers / quality select servers?

Will web, or SQL be running on it?

Any other applications besides games?


It is looking like you need to do a bunch more research before you start renting/leasing/buying stuff, as your questions at least are way to vague.

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I would assume the box is a dual woodcrest, a dual clovertown is about the same cost but more powerful, Id look at going that direction.


As for the bandwidth, when you start looking at more then just 1 servers, your going to need to start paying for bandwidth by the mbit.


1mbit used 24/7 is about 350gbs.

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You wont ever go over your 1000GB, you probaly wont go over 2 megs. But as you add more servers, you will eventually need to swap to 95% billing which is going to kill you on price. What are they charging you? 99/month for the package?

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If you are starting out with just a single server or only a few, I would lean towards leasing a dedicated(s) server(s). Colocating, when you figure in all of your expenses is not justifiable until you have a number of servers. When you get to that point, then colocating is definitely the way to go. Some others may agree or disagree with me :).


I would recommend running only games on your server and using TCAdmin to host your TCAdmin control website. You do not really want to use up the resources for it that should be devoted to game servers :) Or you could look at some of the providors of dedicated servers with TCAdmin pre-installed at http://tcadmin.com/dedicated.php

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You need to amortize your capx cost over the lease term, factor in space/power/bandwidth, factor in the tax liabilities of having deprecating hardware.


For us, there was no comparison, then again, we use ALOT of bandwidth :) We have a fiber drop to our networking gear :)

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Ok, First of all colocating a few machines doesn't give you ownership of the network they are hooked up to. When you and your pal Jon start running your own fiber city to city to connect your equipment that's colocated at someone elses datacenter then you can advertise all you want about your "nationwide" network but until then the network you connect your servers to doesn't list either of you on their board of directors so I would advise sticking to the facts because your doing nothing but confusing your potential customers.


Likewise, working for GNAX as a sales rep doesn't give you permission to use their name in this way nor do they have anything nationwide unless Georgia became it's own country at some point and nobody mentioned it..


I would also suggest watching who you cozy up with Jordan as not everyone is your friend. Some folks advertise they are doing well but in reality are less then a few months away from going under.. I would hate to see you get burned when the floor falls out.

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A) We have more then a "few machines"

B) When I said FragnServers network I was talking about everything under our CISCO-3550-48EMIs.

C)Im not a "sales rep" for GNAX, atleast get my job title right.

D) I didnt use their name in any way other then say that they push more then 200mbits of bandwidth.

E) You do know I go direct to datacenter in all but 1 location. Jon/colocrossing is a great company with great products/prices, but we were not able to come to an agreement on price that was competitive to what we were getting at SteadFast which is where we have maintained a presence from day 1.

F) We are currently only colocated in sanjose with colocrossing.


This will be my final comment on this as the point of this thread was to help the host with his colocation questions.

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That was the point of my post also. I noticed lately many providers throwing around terms that have no meaning and wanted to clarify for the readers here. Thank you for updating.


Just for the record Steadfast and colocrossing rent cabinets from their respective datacenter locations which is what many providers do. The only difference is most don't try to imply they own the datacenter.


Like I said above, Just trying to keep everyone honest. I have nothing to gain or lose either way.

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