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Renting vs. Leasing from dell/HP


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You have to remember that many have been here for a while, and we are able to 'harrass' a few others at times. Kind of like at the datacenter forum you are very active in.. :)


Makes sense. Miss seeing you in the forums over there Doug, stop by more often.

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Ok rich, I have to do this

From http://defconservers.com/?setsub=3103

DefconServers Nationwide Network.


Connectivity: DefconServers maintains Tier-1 datacenter operations in Detroit MI, Chicago IL, Dallas TX. and NYC, NY.


Some of these GSPs claim they maintain their own t-1 datacenter operations, just drives me crazy :)



Had to do it!



Fair enough but tis the truth. It doesn't say we own the datacenter, We however maintain space at these facilities. :)

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