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Graw 2 Dedicated


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I was looking at the default port in the config and relative executable. The config you have there is pretty much the same as the 1st graw version except using a different server cfg as best I can tell.


Normally the default port is 16250 and the exe is graw2_dedicated.exe. Possibly you have your setup differently which is fine if it works for you. I thought I would point it out to you.

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Try the gamespy queries. If those don't work then I will have to ask if Luis can add the query.


Also, if you have an IP for one of your servers, post it and I can check if any of the existing queries will work on it.

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I have some prob with this config, when i try to start the server form the remote desk with this cmd line "graw2_dedicated.exe -dedicated_game_info dedicated_game_info -port 16250" server start with out problem, but when i try to use the tcadmin for start the server, i got lot of proces graw2_dedicated.exe in taskmanager and the server don't start... some one can help me?



I M running it with my account.. and now i have this crash report Thu Jul 23 13:13:41 2009



Crash in application version: 30899.3048


Unhandled exception - access violation





graw2_dedicated (???) : ???

??? (???) : ???

graw2_dedicated (???) : ???


Renderer: threaded

Physics : normal

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