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Battlefield 1942


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Battlefield 1942 Config


Well when I needed a working config for BF 1942 and searched this forum I found nothing that worked "off-the-self" so to speak. So now when I've made my own I thought I'd share it.


This config is for use with BBO Server Manager as that seams to be the only thing working 100% with TCA ATM (its better anyway so no loss really).


The config includes a e-mail template so don't forget to edit that.

Also, you will notice a section in the e-mail with login credentials for the BFSM client, for this to work you need to make a default user with your game install files.


If anyone wants help with setting this up I'd be happy to do so as this had my head turned in side out at times :)


Hope you enjoy it!


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You have to create a user account after the game server is created. You then need to log into the server manager and start the game server.


This config does not start the game server, only the server manager. Not sure if you know that.

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We do not support it for two reasons.


1. The reason Vet mentioned above.

2. If you attempt to create and run a server without the manager it will not work. There is something in the engine that cause the service to simply sit there and restart itself over and over.


However, we do have people that use the BBO Manager and run them under our software.

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Another thing I find annoying is I have to disable the TCAdmin query for those games because if a client turns on the server manager via TCAdmin, they have to hurry and login to the BBO server manager and start the game server or TCAdmin will stop the server for not responding.

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Sorry to rehash a 4-5 month old post, but does anyone have the original installers for BFSM Beta 4i (or whichever the latest was) and the latest BFRM?


Thanks a million!




Edit: Looks like the last one was 2.0 Final, Why Kevin didn't let it out after he shut down to the main sites with a disclaimer of nonsupported software.. :(

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