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Id software puts its games up on STEAM


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I actually believe Valve was born when id decided to license the Quake1 engine, and of which built the HL1 engine , of which evolved into the Source engine. This might be why they still have a good working relationship, and reoffer old titles in Id's old arsenal. Id's still bankrolling on Valve's success :)


Thatd be nice.




Actually, seems i'm half wrong now :) After digging a bit,


Valve and id Afoul of the GPL? [August 06, 2007, 11:04 am ET] -

Slashdot points out a thread on the Halflife2.net Forums suggesting that the recent release of older id Software games over Steam (story) may be a violation of the GNU GPL (thanks Ant). At issue is the inclusion of what may be a modified version of the DOSBox x86 emulator without attribution. Since this discussion started, relevant text files have been added to this Steam distribution, indicating efforts were already undertaken to address this over the weekend. A subsequent post by one of the DOSBox authors tries to quell the ire some are expressing over this. It should be pointed out that the second part of the comment is a bit off-base, since id has already made the free GPL releases of the following game engines DOOM (story), Quake (story), Quake II (story), and Quake III Arena (story):


So maybe they arn't rolling in the money bin..

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