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When setting up a new mod there are options to check "asks for host name" "ask for private password" "ask for rcon password", you can select and insert a number of things under the "Dynamic Content" heading. There is also space called "Config file contents".




So that we set these mods up correctly, please tell me what the purpose and effect of these options are. Alternatively, if you could point me to documentation on this part of TCAdmin, I would very much appreciate it.

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Documentation regarding mods is covered in section 4.8 of the admin manual.




The dynamic content you are referring to is used to create a completely new config file which the mod will use once installed. For some games a mod requires a completely new command line and configuration file in order to run properly. Others require simply a commmand line change. Using the dynamic content, TCAdmin allows you to create mods for any type of game, along with creating the required config files and/or command line changes.




The "Ask for host name" and "Ask for rcon" are used if the mod you are creating requires a completely new configuration file. When the client goes to install a mod, it will prompt them for the variables which then are put into the config file. Much like when creating a game configuration.

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