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GaloreGameServers holds sucessful lan!


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Hey guys, Just wanted to brag/gloat a bit here...As most of you are aware, we are fairly new to the market, 10th month in business now so what we were able to put together yesterday sucessfully was pretty crucial for us.


We held a lan with eMagionationStudios LLC , a lan center in the Tallahassee Mall, in Tallahassee FL. We had 10 teams show up from as much as 10 hours away, total of 54 people attended (10 teams of 5 and 4 stowaways) We gave away $1500 to First place, $1500 to the Lan Center, $1000 for us, the rest was used to pay for 2nd 3rd and door prizes.


Everyone had a great time, everything ran smoothly..We used the Cevo LAN GUI which works awesome for what its made todo. Defintely recommend it if you ever do something like this.


The company recieved excellent exposure over the past 3 months advertising the lan, and in all it was a great success for us. We have another event planned in Groton CT at a larger facility (Groton Gaming Center) in a month (September 22) and hope that goes just as well!


At this event I will be present and we will be sponsered this time by both a local restuarant which will be provide free lunch and dinner to all teams entered aswell as a sponsership from the local Coca-Cola Bottling Company (New London Ct) providing some energy drinks and water.


I'm not sure if anybody gives a flying hoot here, but I think its pretty good to say that there is a way you can survive in this cut-throat non-forgiving business and that there is definately money to be made and friends to make. Having a great time doing it thus far! Thanks to everybody assisting in our success thus far!


Adam :)

Woops misspelled "successful" hehe


---end rant---

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grats on the lan party. The last lan I went to was about the same size... but the geniouses who put it on forgot about the whole internet part. Was very interesting trying to play CSS. It took us like 4 hours to get everything up and going... not to mention I had to set up their servers so we could play at something > 33 tick. 14 hours later..... we all gave up and went home :p


at least it sounds like it went better than that :p

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Not only is it 2oz, but they come around 1 time every hour. I usually ask for 2 at a time to keep me occupied until the next round.


ECF - being from Mass, I hope you are Red Sox fan. I have been a fan since the mid 80s back in the Boggs, Greenwell, Burks, Clemens era. I made a trip to Boston in 2001 to visit Fenway when Dan Duquette said he was going to tear it down and build a new one. Had a very good time in Boston and look forward to returning. One thing is I have no idea how anybody can drive in that city. Of all of the places I have visited that was the craziest on the roads.

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I am not much of a sports fan. Steve is a sox fan though, and watches all the games.


I will have to agree with you on the roads. Personally I used to commute into Boston everyday, so I know the routes etc... But for people coming in from outside the area, I can see how it would be confusing.

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